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Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon

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Open again from June 5th until 22.00 pm

Hotel Café Restaurant “De Kroon” welcomes you again.
Due to the corona measures, our inside restaurant is still closed.

Our TERRACE is OPEN from 12:00 to 20:00.


* Online reservation is very limited.

* You can always call and book a table, 0031- (0) 113-371324

* windows of the conservatory MUST KEEP OPEN, so if (very) bad you can use a jacket !!

Of course we follow the guidelines of the RIVM. YOU TOO!!??

*All guests will be presented with a health check
*We can receive a maximum of 30 guests, so RESERVE
*Don't you have a reservation and yet take a seat inside? -No. Fill in our registration form to 
  on the spot in
*On the terrace, all you can do is sit down. *
* Moving tables and chairs is not allowed
*Sitting at the bar isn't possible yet, we invite you to the little 
  terrace. This with a maximum of 8 persons.
*Have you at the 1.5 meters distance to other guests and our staff
*At a table with a maximum of 2 persons. From one household this is allowed with more 
Let's try to follow these rules together. This is the only way to increase the chances of relaxation.

We wish everyone lots of fun, pleasure, hospitality...

And hope to see you again soon at Hotel Café Restaurant "De Kroon"

Peter, Marianne de Looff and John, Marloes Baaij

& all employees of Team De Kroon.

We will pick up meals daily.

Ordering is possible until 15.00 hours, picking up between 17.00 and 19.00 hours.

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