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At Hotel De Kroon Zeeland you can not only enjoy a nice overnight stay with breakfast or a delicious meal, but also beer.
You can choose from about 60 different beers. Of the well-known species such as Westmalle or a La Chouffe, but also the lesser known ones. For example, Duchesse Du Bourgogne or Italian Trappist Tre Fontaine.
Of course you can enjoy the beers on the terrace, but it is also fun and nice to combine with a meal with beer. One of our employees will be happy to inform you about this.

Below you will find more information about the beers in taste, color, alcohol percentage, ...

We strive to have the beers all in stock. However, in case of high consumption, our shelves sometimes empty, sorry for this.

Cheers !!!

Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon