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  • The starting point for our adjustments is the guidelines and recommendations of the government.
  • Our employees have received instructions on how to act under COVID-19.
  • We offer our guests disinfectant dispensers in public areas.
  • We ask you to follow the markings / route and any instructions from the employees. This is to guarantee the 1.5 meter distance and everyone's safety.
  • We request that you respect the safe distance to other guests.
  • Preferably pay with pin or contactless.
  • If you have one of these complaints at the time of your reservation: colds, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, (mild) cough, shortness of breath, increase or fever (from 38 ° C), the reservation cannot be made.

Hotel guests

  • We would like to welcome you personally, upon entering you can check in at the bar
  • Check in with up to 4 people at the same time. We guide you and we are open to questions.
  • If you have not made a restaurant reservation with your booking, we request that you do so immediately upon check-in. It is necessary to reserve for dinner. This allows us to carefully monitor service, distribution and safety.
  • When you stay in our restaurant or on our terrace, we politely ask you to use the sanitary facilities in your hotel room and not the public sanitary facilities.

Restaurant and covered terrace

  • Reservations are necessary for your restaurant visit. This allows us to carefully monitor service, distribution and safety.
  • We use the maximum number of guests indicated by the government.
  • We can accommodate a maximum of 4 guests per table.
  • On arrival please wait at a standing table by the billiards for an employee. We bring you to your table.
  • By these measures you can make a reservation for the shift: 
  • EARLY DINNER: 5 pm to 7.30 pm or
  • LATE DINNER: 8.00 pm to…
Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon