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Brand proeflokaal

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Hotel Café Restaurant De Kroon

Brand Proeflokaal

In beer café De Kroon, Brand beer has been running for over 30 years. Brand is the oldest beer brewery in the Netherlands. This brewery is located in the Limburg town of Wylre and here from the year 1340 beer is brewed.
So you can taste 10 different Brand beers with us.

  • Brand Pils
  • Brand UP
  • Brand Porter
  • Brand Saison
  • Brand IPA
  • Brand Imperator
  • Brand Oud Bruin
  • Brand Weizen
  • Brand Zwaar Blond
  • Brand Dubbelbock (seizoensbier)
  • Brand Sylvester (seizoensbier)
  • Brand Lentebock (seizoensbier)

Because of this we may, with some pride, call Brand Tasting Room. This means that we serve (almost) all Brand beers, to know more about the Brand Brewery with its beers. And of course our guests can recommend a beer-food combination.